Wildlife and Nature Photography

by Bobby Castlebury


A passion for nature and photography has been an integral part of Bobby's life since early childhood. After teaching Biology for 20 years, he has devoted the past several years sculpting birds out of wood and exhibiting his carvings at wildlife art shows throughout the country. These life-like creations involved many intricate details, which could only be obtained from photographs of the living specimen. Along with the many study photographs he has captured, many subjects were suitable for framing. Over the years, many of his photographs have been published in outdoor magazines, study reference books, calendars, and other sources. Visit each of the several galleries featured in our web site and enjoy a refreshing taste of nature.

We are offering some of these enlargements, which are suitable for home or office. See purchasing information below if you enjoy the photographs and desire to own one or more. The photographs themselves are extremely sharp in every detail, although the resolution scanned for presentation here does not show detail. Thanks for spending time visiting our web site!



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Belted Kingfisher

Page I of Bird Thumbnails

Pink and White Rose

Page I of Flower Thumbnails

Scenie Landscapes - Turner Falls in Oklahoma

Thumbnails of all Landscapes

Autumn Leaves

Thumbnails of Leaves

Ruby-throated Hummingbird Male

Page I of Bird Thumbnails

Green-winged Teal Male

Page I of Bird Thumbnails

Great Blue Heron

Page I of Bird Thumbnails

Queen Butterfly

Thumbnails of all Butterflies

Roseate Spoonbill

Page I of Bird Thumbnails

Black Skimmer

Page I of Bird Thumbnails

Scissor-tailed Flycatcher

Page I of Bird Thumbnails

Peacock Feather

Thumbnails of all Miscellaneous

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8" x 10"


$25 each or 2/$40 (plus $7.50 shipping for 1; $10 for 2)



11" x 14"

For larger sizes, Call (903-785-0206) or E-mail


$40.00 (plus $7.50 shipping for 1; $10 for 2)

The 8" x 10" matted photograph comes with a 11" x 14" foam board, ready to be framed, which means they use a 11" x 14" frame. These enlargements fit in a standard 11 x 14 frame.

On the 11 x 14 image, the foam board is the same size as the image size. All images are signed by the artist, Bobby Castlebury.

Questions? E-mail Us! or write--Bobby Castlebury, 664 Farm Road 1510, Brookston, TX 75421-2732. Our phone number--903-785-0206 (Call before 8 p.m. CST).


Questions? Reach me at or write me--Bobby Castlebury, 664 Farm Road 1510, Brookston, TX 75421. Our phone number--903-785-0206 (Call before 8 p.m. CST).

All photographs on this web site are copyrighted © and may not be downloaded, copied, printed or used in any other manner without the prior consent of the photographer, Bobby Castlebury. They are here for you to enjoy viewing.

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